How can I get early access to Homeboy app releases?

We're continuously making improvements and updates to the Homeboy apps. We also do thorough testing of these updates before making it available to the public on the App Stores. If you're interested in getting early access to beta/test versions of the Homeboy app, then you can simply send us a message via email to let us know.

When sending us the message, please include the following information (for making the process quicker):

  • Your first and last name
  • The device platform(s) that you're running Homeboy on (i.e. iOS, Android, Amazon Fire)
  • The email account(s) that you use for the aforementioned platform(s)

Afterwards, we'll get back to you with instructions and next steps. The following sections provide more details about the app testing process for each platform.

Amazon App Store for Amazon Fire Devices

Beta app testing on Amazon is called "Live App Testing" or "LAT". After we add your email account, you'll receive an email from Amazon with instructions about how to install the Homeboy beta app. Note: The email invite from Amazon may take several hours to receive.

If you have previously downloaded a version of the Homeboy for Insteon Hub app, the earlier version of Homeboy will be replaced on your device by this test version.

Important: In order to receive a Live App Testing invite you must opt-in to marketing emails from Amazon. To do so, please follow these instructions:

  • Sign into with the account you have associated with your Amazon device and the Amazon App Store
  • Under "Your Account", find the section titled "Email alerts, messages, and ads"
  • Click on "Communication Preferences"
  • Under "Email Preferences", expand "Promotional Emails"
  • If selected, uncheck "Do not send me any marketing email for now"
  • Select the "Amazon Appstore" checkbox to be able to receive the Live App Testing invite
  • Click "Update"

The Amazon email invite should look similar to the following:



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