What devices work with Homeboy?

Homeboy requires that you have the Insteon Hub v2 (model 2245-222). It works with the majority of Insteon appliance and lighting modules, dimmers, and outlets, as well as Insteon's Wired Thermostat. The current release does not support sensors or cameras.

The following Insteon devices have been tested and are known to work with Homeboy:

  • ApplianceLinc On/Off 2456S/2456SE
  • Fan Controller (FanLinc) 2475F
  • Icon Lamp Dimmer 2856D2/2856D2B
  • Icon On/Off Adaptor 2856S3/2856S3B
  • Keypad Dimmer Switch 2334-232/2334-222*
  • KeypadLinc Dimmer 2486D*
  • KeypadLinc On/Off 2487S*
  • LampLinc Lamp Dimmer 2456D2/2456D3
  • LampLinc Dimmer 2457D2/2457D2X
  • LED Bulb 2672-222
  • On/Off Dual Outlet 2663-222*
  • On/Off Module 2635-222
  • OutletLinc Dimmer 2472D
  • Remote Control Dimmer Switch 2477D
  • Remote Control Dimmer Switch, High Wattage 2477DH
  • Remote Control In-Line Dimmer Switch 2475DA1
  • Remote Control Micro Dimmer Switch Adaptor 2442-222
  • Remote Control On/Off Switch 2477S
  • Remote Control Plug-in Low Voltage Controller (I/O Linc) 2450 **
  • SwitchLinc 2-Wire Dimmer 2474D
  • SwitchLinc Dimmer 2476D
  • SwitchLinc On/Off 2476S
  • ToggleLinc Dimmer 2466D
  • Wired Thermostat (915MHz) 2441TH

Other Insteon devices that control an electrical load may also work but have not yet been tested by Homeboy.

* with limitations of controlling the primary load only
** with limitations of sending on and off commands only


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    Do you have a PC compatible product in the plans?
    What is the current ETA for IOS support?

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    We do have plans for Windows 10 and iOS platform support. However, we're not yet talking about timelines for our planned platform support, but please keep in touch for more news as it becomes available.

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