What Insteon Hub models work with Homeboy?

To use Homeboy with your Insteon system, you must be running the North American, 2nd generation Insteon Hub (model 2245-222). This is the same hub that works with Harmony, Alexa, and Stringify. Like these third-party services, Homeboy relies on Insteon's cloud API to control your Insteon devices, and this API doesn't presently support the legacy hubs (model 2242-xxx) or the Homekit-enabled Insteon Hub Pro (model 2243-222). We hope to someday see support for all Insteon hubs through Insteon's cloud API, but Insteon has not currently announced any such support.

There's a simple way to determine if you're using the supported hub: look at it from above. Is it square or rectangular. The supported hub is square in shape when viewed from above. The older, unsupported hubs are all rectangular.



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