Does Homeboy work with SONOS?

We’re excited about Insteon's Sonos support, but currently it is not directly supported within the Homeboy app.
However, there are some things you can do that Homeboy will support today: If you create a scene that controls or includes a Sonos device, Homeboy can initiate that scene just like any other. So one way to currently enable Sonos control would be to create scenes for specific Sonos device commands or favorites. For example, you can create a scene for any of your favorite channels and a scene for the Play/Pause command. A Sonos Play/Pause scene will Play your Sonos device when you trigger it and Pause when you end/turn off the scene.
An easy way to organize your Sonos scenes is to create a Sonos “Room" in the Insteon app and associate any Sonos scene with that room.
Currently, Insteon only supports Sonos speakers in iOS, so you'll need to use the Insteon for Hub app in iOS to add your speakers and create the scenes you want. But once you do, you'll be able to control your Sonos speakers using those scenes from Homeboy on any platform—iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.
See our blog post, How to Control Sonos with Homeboy, for a more in depth discussion about how to set this up.
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