Can Homeboy open and close my garage door?

If you're using an Insteon I/O Linc (2450) to control your garage door, you may notice that your garage controller doesn't appear in Homeboy. While Homeboy can't yet control an I/O Linc directly, you can control it by "wrapping" it into a scene of it's own. Most garage door openers require a momentary closed circuit to control the door. Depending on how your have your I/O Linc set up, you could create a scene in Insteon's app that turns your I/O Linc on. That scene will show up in Homeboy (you may need to restart), and you should be able to control your door by triggering that scene.

Note that Homeboy will not currently display the open/close status of your garage door.


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    Works like a charm. Be sure to adjust the duration of the "momentary close" to get reliable control of your door. I found 1.0 seconds worked perfectly.

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