How can I stay signed in to Homeboy?

Our Android and iOS apps have two options to make it easier for you to reconnect to your Insteon account through Homeboy. Remember Me and Keep Me Signed In.

Remember Me. On the Sign In screen, select Remember Me to remember your Insteon email address between sessions — even if you sign out. If you sign out of Homeboy, your email address still appears on the sign in screen, making it easier to sign in again next time. If you prefer to clear the email address after you sign out, make sure this option is not selected the next time you sign in.

Keep Me Signed In. If you want to stay signed in on Android or iOS devices, be sure to select Keep Me Signed In on the Settings screen. This allows you to reconnect without having to sign in again. Rest assured that Homeboy doesn't store your password — your session is maintained through a token generated when you last signed in.

Homeboy for Windows Phone automatically maintains the session with your Insteon account between uses and, therefore, does not have these options.

You can always fully sign out from any of the Homeboy apps by tapping Sign Out on the Settings screen of the app.

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