Do I still need the Insteon for Hub app?

Yes. Homeboy for Insteon Hub is not a complete substitute for Insteon's app.

Like many third-party services that take advantage of Insteon's Hub2 API (including Amazon, Google, Yonomi, Harmony, and more), you still need to set up your hub and devices using Insteon's own app. Homeboy and these other third-party systems won't even see your hub until it's already configured on the Insteon account you're logging into.

Additionally, while we're working to add support for as many Insteon devices as possible, you can't access everything in your Insteon smart home from Homeboy. This includes third-party devices like Sonos speakers and Insteon's cameras (but check out our workarounds for Sonos speakers and I/O Link-controlled garage doors if you have those).

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